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Dress Code

Smart casual attire is suggested for guests travelling in Platinum Service and Gold Service. Neat casual attire is required in Red Service.

Warm clothes are recommended for evenings onboard the train, as the air-conditioning can be cool. 

It is recommended that guests pack a hat, sunscreen and comfortable walking shoes for off-train touring. Sensible shoes are advisable for walking between carriages. 

Guests who bring electronic devices, such as laptops, that connect to 240-volt power on the trains should also pack a surge arrestor.

Money Onboard

Guests are advised to bring cash for the journey to buy merchandise or upgraded touring options. Visa, MasterCard, American Express Card and Diners Card are accepted onboard the trains. Travellers Cheques are not accepted and EFTPOS is not available.

Insect Bites

Insect bites are often experienced as a result of midges which are common in the Northern Territory. Biting midge abundance varies greatly during the month, with highest numbers occurring around the time of the full moon and to a lesser extent around the new moon. Biting midge numbers also vary during the year with relatively low numbers during the wet season, an increase from April to August, and highest numbers occurring between August and November. The increase in numbers each month coincides with the increase in the highest tide levels each month from the mid to late dry season. 


Guests are advised to consume plenty of water whilst in tropical and outback areas. A minimum of two litres per day is advised to avoid dehydration. 

Sun Protection

Guests should always wear a wide brimmed hat, long-sleeved shirt and at least SPF30+ sunscreen when outdoors.

Onboard Comfort

Hair dryers are available on the Indian Pacific and The Ghan.

Towels and soap are provided on the Indian Pacific and The Ghan. Shower facilities are not available on The Overland.


Due to space constraints, guests are advised to take onboard only hand luggage containing the requirements for their rail journey. Checked in luggage cannot be accessed during the journey. Guests should bring an overnight bag to their cabin containing everything needed for the journey.

Certain items are prohibited from being carried in your luggage at all. Valuables including your passport, medicine, fragile or perishable items must be carried onboard as cabin baggage. An additional fee may apply to excess luggage. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for full conditions. Occupational Health and Safety legislation provides guidelines outlining the safe weight that can be lifted by our staff. We appreciate your co-operation.


Luggage terms and conditions:

GSR will accept the carriage of your luggage subject to any applicable laws and regulations and subject to
(a) The luggage not being excessively heavy, bulky, dangerous, inadequately packed, in a defective state or otherwise unsuitable for carriage
(b) Luggage being correctly labelled with your name, destination address and contact phone number both inside and outside the bag.
(c) You are accompanying your luggage on the train.

The following additional items are allowed free of charge:

  • Baby safety capsules
  • Fold up cots (in cases only)
  • Prams/strollers (collapsed)

The following additional items of luggage are allowed at $50 per item:

  • Candy striped bags (in good condition)
  • Child restraint car seats
  • Collapsible baby carriages
  • Tents, sleeping bags and small camping items
  • Bicycles (due to storage requirements, reservations are mandatory in advance)
  • Canoes
  • Fishing rod and other sporting equipment items
  • Golf bags
  • Parcels
  • Sailboards, boogie boards, surf skis and surfboards

The following items are not allowed as luggage:

  • All Household Goods (Tvs etc)
  • Birds or animals
  • Dangerous Goods including firearms
  • Food
  • Fragile or perishable goods
  • Freight
  • Furniture
  • Hessian or garbage/plastic bags
  • Eskies
  • Motorised golf buggies
  • Tea Chests
  • Unaccompanied luggage or parcels
  • Cardboard, plastic or wooden boxes

Cabin luggage
GSR recommends you take the following luggage on board:
(a) Platinum Service Twin and Double Cabins –one piece of hand luggage plus a garment bag and/or briefcase per person;
(b) Gold Service Twin Cabin – one piece of hand luggage plus a garment bag, cabin bag or briefcase per person;
(c) Gold Service Single Cabin – one piece of hand luggage plus a garment bag, cabin bag (105 cm/
41 inches – linear measurement) or briefcase;
(d) The Overland, all classes – cabin bag (105 cm/41 inches – linear measurement/maximum 10kgs weight)

Checked Luggage
Platinum Service (per person) 3 x 30 kgs
Gold Service (per person) 2 x 30 kgs
Overland Red Premium (per person) 2 x 20kgs + 1 x 10 kgs
Overland Red Service (per person) 2 x 20 kgs
Luggage check-in opens 2.5 hours prior to departure and closes 60 minutes prior to departure.
Checked luggage cannot be accessed during the journey.

Your luggage must not contain any items which in our opinion are dangerous, illegal, liable to harm or annoy other guests or otherwise unsuitable. Animals and livestock will not be carried, except guide-dogs.

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