Nitmiluk First Gorge Art Cruise

Learn more about the rich history and culture of the Katherine region through the fascinating interpretations of Indigenous rock art dating back 40,000 years.

As a more relaxed cruise experience, your guide will share some of the ancient secrets of the region as you gently cruise down the First Gorge, witnessing the awe-inspiring sandstone cliffs and sheer drops that reach amazing heights.

Listen to Dreamtime stories about the creation and significance the Gorge played in the lives of its traditional owners, the Jawoyn people.

Take a short walk to the top of the First Gorge to visit a stunning Indigenous rock art site where artwork remains even after thousands of years exposed to the elements. These works are ancient evidence of the existence of the Jawoyn culture in the area during the last Ice Age.

Recommended Fitness Level: Low – short walks required.



Platinum and Gold Service guests

Included in your fare

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