Off Train Excursions

Traversing the breadth of Australia by train, you’ll pass through some of this country’s most spectacular terrains, famous cities, historic towns and well-known landmarks.

This provides the perfect opportunity to gain new insights into the people, culture and geographical wonders that shape this great land. Ironically one of the most rewarding aspects of a holiday on the Indian Pacific is getting off the beaten track.

Out West you can take in all of Perth’s major attractions, from the beautiful upper reaches of the Swan River to the Kings Park Botanical Gardens along with an introductory tour of Perth itself. You’ll visit Nambung National Park, home of the Pinnacles Desert with its imposing mystical limestone pillars. 

Steeped in Australian history and home of the late artist Pro Hart, Broken Hill makes a great place to dismount and visit several iconic locations. And further South in Adelaide, you’ll make your way from the magnificent St. Peter’s Cathedral past the newly revamped Adelaide Oval to the bustling Central Market where you’ll find exceptional wine and produce from the famed Barossa Valley region.

To Sydney! From a coffee cruise on the most famous of harbours to an action packed day of sightseeing in the city, this is one trip you may want to pack a little extra shopping money for.

With this many off train excursions you’ll return home with enough photos and stories to fill a month of slide nights!

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